Sunday, July 13, 2014


WE CAN'T BELIEVE ARGENTINA LOST!!!!! They played so well.  We are very sad.

For all you fans of Argentina who dance Tango, hope you will feel better after you dance a little Tango tonight.  Meanwhile we would like to share with you a recent performance of Milonguisimo - Oscar Hector's long running show with the dancing of authentic milongueros.  We got to know a lot of our milonguero friends through the show, including our beloved teacher Alberto Dassieu.  In this performance in June, the following dancers took to the stage for the ensemble performance:

1º Tinta Roja - Susy Tilbe y Aldo Raspanti
2º Pocas Palabras - Hayde Esther Maladrino y Luis Ludueña
3º Lo Pasado Paso - Tomasina y Juan Esquivel
4º Después del Carnaval - Adela Galeazzi y Horacio Prestamo

In this part, the dancers are joined by Oscar Hector and Teresita Brandon - and they even do a little bit of swing:

And finally, they dance lively milonga and vals.  The younger dancers are Andre Laza Moreno and his partner Luciana Arregui:

A big hug to all our friends in Milonguisimo!

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Irene and Man Yung said...

Sorry everyone! The owner of these videos made them private so they can't be viewed.

Irene and Man Yung

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