Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Current Argentina Entry/Exit Requirements for Canadians

We learned the hard way this trip - 45 minutes until boarding at Pearson Airport and unable to check-in because we didn't have our paperwork ready for the Reciprocity Fee!

We thought that we had to pay the Reciprocity Fee upon arrival like we did the last few trips, but during the 18 months since our last trip, the rules have changed (apparently as of January 7, 2013) and now you have to pay online before arrival and present the receipt to the airline during check-in.

Here's the link to the Government of Canada website with the link to the information on the Entry/Exit requirements, which contains the link to the official website in Argentina for the payment of the Reciprocity Fee, which is $92 USD:

The fee is valid for multiple entries into Argentina until one month before the expiration of your passport.

Luckily, we were able to pay the Reciprocity Fee online and print our receipts at the business centre located at the Sheraton Hotel attached to the airport terminal, and there were no line-ups at US customs and immigration (we were connecting through the US - yuck) or at security otherwise we would have missed our plane!

We managed to board the plane at the very last minute but then, when we arrived in Buenos Aires...our luggage with our tango shoes inside it was missing.  Not all was lost though, with Comme Il Faut just steps away from our hotel - an excuse to buy shoes!*

* But unfortunately, Comme Il Faut still doesn't sell men's shoes, Man Yung had to get his at Artesanal.

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