Friday, February 15, 2013

Some beautiful dancing!

Just want to share with you some wonderful recent performances of our Maestros in Buenos Aires!

Here's Martha and Manolo performing an exciting canyengue for the 10 year anniversary of MoCCA, the association they founded to promote Canyengue:

Martha and Manolo, Roxina Villegas and Marcelo Alvarez, and Laura Collavini and Nicolas Godoy from MoCCA have been teaching special Canyengue workshops all last week in celebration of the anniversary.   Hoped that all who attended had fun and learned lots from the masters!

(And to the people in Toronto who have been asking us about Canyengue - we learned from Martha and Manolo!  If you get a chance to go to Buenos Aires, don't forget to take classes from Martha and Manolo if you are interested in Canyengue because they are the ones to go to to learn it from!)

This past weekend was the weekend of the Misterio Tango Festival - when Man Yung saw the poster and advertisements for the festival, he told me to come and look at all the "big names" right away.  It's like, anyone who is anyone in the world of tango is in the festival!  And guess what, Osvaldo and Coca were part of it too!

2xTango just posted this video of Osvaldo and Coca dancing to Demare at Salon Canning a few hours ago - and Man Yung has been watching it again and again and rewinding and trying to steal more of Osvaldo's steps. 

"Irene, why can't you dance more like Coca?  When she walks, she is tasting the music with her steps...and when she listens, she is listening to Osvaldo listening to the music!"

"Sure, Man Yung - I'll be able to dance like Coca someday!  That is, the day when you give up your "Surprise!" triple enganche triple colgada triple back sacadas combos that keep tripping me up in my stilettos - and dance more like Osvaldo!"

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