Sunday, December 2, 2012

Osvaldo and Coca performing everywhere!

We love watching Osvaldo and Coca perform - and during our trip in October, Osvaldo and Coca were as popular as they are always, performing at least two or three times a week at milongas all around Buenos Aires.

Here are some videos we took of their performances at La Salsera - two Tangos, a Vals, and (half) a Milonga!

Osvaldo and Coca are beloved wherever they go and they always bring down the house with their exhibitions!  People never get tired of their dancing... and why?  It's because they truly become one with the music.  They take you straight into the heart of the music with their dancing.  If anyone says they are bored by Osvaldo and Coca's dancing, they must be bored of Tango!

Recently, Osvaldo and Coca also performed in Uruguay:

And here's their exhibition in Salon Canning with the live music of Sexteto Milonguero:

We also want to share these two delightful videos of Osvaldo and Coca performing at La Yumba de Dorita at Club Oeste - they dance to Caló's "Jamas Retournaras" and Canaro's "Con Tu Mirar".  What emotion!

Thanks to all the people who appreciate and love Osvaldo and Coca's dancing as much as we do - and for all those people who film their performances and put them on Youtube.  In an internet permeated by videos of flying legs and furiously spinning bodies, robotic expressionless tango clones, and bopping soulless nuevo-isters, Osvaldo and Coca's videos show us that there is an alternative - and better - way to dance and enjoy Tango.  Tango does not have to be exaggerated, it should be natural, and it can come from your heart if you are sincere - and that is lovelier and more astounding than all the exhibition of skill and artifice in the world.  Thank you Maestros, we love you!

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