Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We perform at Salon Canning (yes, that's right - we can't believe it ourselves!)

We are in Buenos Aires!  It's only a short visit (as always) but already so much has happened....We've met up with friends, we have stayed out all night at milongas, we have eaten a ton at our favourite restaurant La Madeleine - now that I have started learning about calories I realize that each delicious dish there must be like, thousands and thousands of calories - but I don't care!

With respect to performances, we performed last Saturday at J.L. milonga at La Nacional.  They remembered us from last year and asked us to perform again - we asked Osvaldo and Coca, "Hey, won't they be like, bored to see us again?" and they replied, "Don't be silly!"  We'll be uploading some videos of our performance soon, once we find a better internet connection than the one we have at the hotel.  We also performed on Monday at Salon Canning.  Yep, you heard us right - THE Salon Canning, pretty much the most well known dance hall in Buenos Aires.

With respect to our performance at Salon Canning, this is how it happened.

We emailed Martha and Manolo when we knew when we would be in Buenos Aires this year, and they emailed us back with a cryptic message.

"It has been arranged," they said.

Huh?  What has been arranged?

"Your exhibition at Salon Canning on October 15. You will send your photo to the organizer Omar Viola."

After hyperventilating for about 24 hours, we searched high and low for a "suitable" photo of us to send to Omar Viola.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any photos of us in dazzling Tango "Gear".  Or in delectable Tango "Poses". Actually, we didn't have many photos of just the two of us to choose from.  The best we could do was a pretty dorky pic that we took at El Tacuari after Osvaldo and Coca's class - which ended up on the Salon Canning website on the list of upcoming performers!

"Oh my God," we said when we saw the list of performers on the website.  "There's Javier Rodriguez and his new partner, there's Fabian Peralta, there's the newest Tango Salon champions, there's Julio and Corinna - and there's us!  We look really, really out of place!"

Here's the photo that we sent so you could imagine for yourself how surreal (and absurd) it was seeing our photo there among the photos of all the other famous tango professionals:

"Who are these Chinos?" they said after seeing our photo on the website. "For sure I want to go to Salon Canning on October 15 to see them dance! (Not!)"

They even put our names on the Salon Canning flyers and on the Salon Canning placemats (you bet we took some of those home as souvenirs - most of the people in Toronto won't believe us if we said we performed in Salon Canning and ha ha! we have proof!) and we're like, what have we got ourselves into now? 

Anyway, so October 15 actually arrived and we performed and it was ok!  Actually, it was more than ok.  We'll write all about it a little later.  Right now we are just tearing out our hair trying to upload the videos onto Youtube with the very unreliable internet connection that we have.

We did manage to upload one video after THREE days of trying.  Canyengue!  Here's the video of us dancing Canyengue at Salon Canning - we'll try to get the tango and milonga videos up soon:

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Chris said...

"... video of us dancing Canyengue at Salon Canning"

That's so cute! Way to go, Irene and Man Yung!

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