Sunday, July 1, 2012

Upgrading... a true story

Anyone else out there tired of Irene and Man Yung's "Youtube videos that are either too grainy and blurry or where the dancers appear the size of peas"?  We are!

Our trusty Canon PowerShot SD880 isn't broken, but the 4x zoom is so puny, and the quality of the video so poor compared to all the "HD" videos that everybody including your grandaunt takes with their cameras nowadays...well, we decided it was time to upgrade our camera to something that would take much better videos and photos. 

So we traded in our Airmiles and got... a Canon PowerShot SX240HS!  20x zoom, Full HD video, huge viewfinder screen - sweet!

We rushed out to the park and immediately took a patriotic photo of the Canadian flag - from literally, like, TEN MILLION MILES AWAY!:

Happy Canada Day!

We also took photos of Canadian Geese - again, from TEN MILLION MILES AWAY (O, the Power of Zoom 20x!):

Canadian Geese - like from Canada (hint, hint)

More Canadian Geese...from CANADA!

Apart from all the "Canadian Themed" photos, in our uncontrolled excitement, we also took photos of like storks and dogs and stuff:


Canadian...Dog!  His name is Buster.  We love Boston Terriers - 
their perky ears make them look like cats (Shhhh!  Don't let them know!)

We love our new camera!  However, now that we have made the upgrade, we suddenly have a whole slew of "upgrading" problems.

1.  The new camera is bigger than the old one and it doesn't fit our old camera pouch.  That means:  We've got to buy a new camera bag.

2.  The new camera battery doesn't last as long as the old camera battery in our old camera (this is because it takes more electricity to power all the fancy HD video and 20x Zoom stuff).  We have to get an extra battery so we don't run out of power.

3.  The new camera is faster - for better quality photos and videos, we can't use our old 4 speed SD memory cards.  We have to get a whole bunch of 10 speed SD cards to match our new camera write speed.

4.  The HD videos we take with our new camera convert very very slowly (like, 10 times more slowly) in our existing conversion program because they contain a lot more data.  And when we convert them, they can only play on our iPad and not on our iPod because they are in HD.  Solution:  New, faster conversion program, possibly new, faster computer, and totally new iPod.

5.  In order to fully appreciate the beauty of HD video, we can't play them on our ancient, "I will live forever!  Mwahahahaha!" JVC TV from 1999.  We have to get the latest big screen HDTV.

6.  Once we have the latest big screen HDTV, all our other "college-era, hand-me-down, vintage" home decor will look very out of place and passé.  We will have to completely redecorate our living room, and quite possibly our whole condo because once you start renovating one room, all our other rooms have to match too, right?

7.  In fact, our condo wall is just way too small for HDTV, and we will have to upgrade to a bigger condo - no, house - with bigger walls, in a much better neighbourhood. 

8.  Come to think of it, we've watched the HD videos of our most recent practice, and you know what?  The video quality is so clear that we can clearly see that we both look old and saggy.  In addition, our wrinkles are too big and our pores are too large.


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