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The marvelous Marta Fama at "La Gorra de Rodriguez", Thursday, October 12, 2011

A Toronto Milonguero came up to me last week to complain.

"You used to have so many videos of the fabulous milongueras of Buenos Aires - how come you haven't put any more on your blog lately?  You guys are going blah blah blah on your blog non-stop every week and it takes too much time and energy to read your long-winded time-wasting posts at work.  When I want to take a break at work, I want to be entertained. I want to watch more videos of dancing!"**

** We took a little bit of artistic liberty there - he didn't really say that!  He does want to watch more videos of the milongueras though - who doesn't?

The truth is, it takes more effort to upload videos on Youtube than it does to write about Pride and Prejudice and Tango.  Yes, we are lazy!  But this week, we will show you a video from our last trip that we haven't gotten around to uploading yet:  Man Yung (the luckiest Tanguero in the world) dancing with Marta Fama at her practica "La Gorra de Rodriguez" at Salon Rodriguez last October!

Marta Fama dancing a Biagi tango at the end of the evening with Man Yung at Salon Rodriguez - Man Yung, better behave yourself because Osvaldo and Coca are watching!

Although we didn't get to know the famous Maestra Marta Fama better until our trip in October, we have seen her at the milongas (I believe she was one of the guests performing at Glorias Argentinas the first time we went there on our first night in Buenos Aires back in 2007!) and also her ads in the magazines.  Last April, we also had the opportunity to watch her perform with Carlos Tedeschi at Glorias Argentinas - and we heard that Marta and Carlos had joined the Milonguisimo performance group of milongueros as well for a while.

Having Osvaldo and Coca as our teachers is great - they introduced us to Marta Fama at Glorias Argentinas, and Man Yung got a chance to dance with her the very first time.  Of course, it was like heaven!  Last October, when we met again at J. L. Milonga at La Nacional, Man Yung got to dance with Marta again for no less than three tandas. Yippee!

Like our friend the Toronto Milonguero, we find the Milongueras of Buenos Aires mesmerizing.  Let's just mention some names of the ones we know (and with whom Man Yung had the great fortune of dancing with):  Elba, Adela, Myriam, Susy, Haydee, Paulina, Coca, Elena...they are just astounding, living, walking, breathing, incarnations of Tango.    And as one of the greats, Marta Fama shares with them the following traits:

1.  Confidence;
2.  Joyfulness;
3.  Warm, human embraces;
4.  Never goes faster than the leader;
5.  Musicality from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes;
6.  Clean footwork;
7.  Elegance;
8.  The dance of each of the Milongueras is distinctive and full of personality.  Some may do many adornments, some may be more subtle - but you would never confuse one of these great Milongueras with another, because they are all so wonderfully unique in their styles of dancing.

Marta Fama teaches a very well-attended class before her practica at Salon Rodriguez - and the practica itself is great value for money.  There's a bar with food and drink, a smooth tile floor that is great for dancing - and it cost only 10 pesos (last October) for the entrada.  On the night we went, we were surprised to see both El Chino and Blas Catrenau at the practica with their buddies.***

*** If they knew that they had to watch Irene and Man Yung perform that night maybe they would have gone somewhere else for the sake of their health.  Hee!  But that is a story we are going to leave for a little later!

Here's another video of Marta Fama dancing at her practica - this time with our friend Roberto Segarra, courtesy of the TrickMc1 Youtube channel:

Martha Fama's blissful smile is not only on her beautiful face, it is in every step that she takes.  Watching her, you know there can be nothing more lovely in this moment of now, than dancing tango with someone who shares the same passion. ****

**** "You can definitely learn something by watching Marta Fama dancing!" said Man Yung.  "The way she follows, she treats her partner like he is the best dancer on earth!  It proves that to be a great follower, you have to follow your leader like he is Chairman Mao!"

"Come on, Man Yung!  I really doubt that Marta Fama is thinking about Chairman Mao when she is dancing.  In fact, I think your 'visualization' idea is sure to backfire.  When I think about Chairman Mao, I think 1) Puke!  The guy never brushed his teeth; 2) Corrupt Chinese Officials, and 3) I think about killing someone! Can't I think about something else?  Like Alain Delon?  Or Mr. Darcy?  Or even George Clooney?  I'll follow those guys to the ends of the earth!"

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