Sunday, February 5, 2012

Performances in January - Martha and Manolo and Osvaldo and Coca

Here are some wonderful performances by our teachers Martha and Manolo in Gricel in January - their very distinctive and musical Milonga and Canyengue.  Watch them bring down the house!:

We're glad to see that Martha's leg is much better - she had a slip and fall back in October just before we visited them and has luckily recovered fully.  As for Manolo - he's turning 80 this year!  Look, he has the speed and footwork (and the corriditas) to match any twenty year old tanguero.

Another lovely surprise we got from Youtube is this video of our teachers Osvaldo and Coca performing at a benefit held at La Baldosa at the end of January:

Does anyone know the name of this tango and the orchestra?  We tried calling Osvaldo and Coca today to ask them but they didn't pick up the phone (perhaps they are having their siesta?) By the way, from the weather report and the telephone conversations we've had with Martha and Manolo and other friends in Buenos Aires, it's really sweltering hot in Buenos Aires so yes, probably a siesta in the afternoon is a good idea!

Here's Osvaldo and Coca in a recent interview with Junando Milonga - wearing their summer clothes, with the background noise of all the whirring fans.  There's four parts, but all in Spanish:

We haven't had a chance to watch all the parts of this interview yet (it's going to take some time, my Spanish isn't that great!).  Wishing we were in sunny hot Buenos Aires instead of here in wintery Toronto!


Louis said...

The song that Osvaldo and Coca performed to is called "S.O.S." by Canaro (1934). There is also a equivalent track with Maida on vocals called "Condena".

Irene and Man Yung said...

Thanks for the information on the song, Louis! Thanks also to our friend Jessie in Vancouver who sent us the information on the song by email along with some very interesting historical background for the tune!

Irene and Man Yung

AlanJonesj said...

I have it under the cd 'Alma Tanguera' by Canaro. There is a version called 'Condena' by Amanda Ledesma,too. "Tango is passed from one person to another,and yes,why not make up your own moves?" From Ricardo Vidort...Kind regards from Alan Jones in England.

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