Saturday, February 18, 2012

February performances by Martha and Manolo and Osvaldo and Coca

Our teachers Martha and Manolo and Osvaldo and Coca have been keeping busy with their performance schedules in Buenos Aires!

First up is Martha and Manolo - performing a milonga with the Colonizados orchestra.  They have collaborated many times over the years and they always enjoy performing to the rhythms of this band.  The typical audience for Colonizados is young and hip - but they never fail to go wild with their appreciation of the musical, heartfelt Canyengue and Milonga of Martha and Manolo:

Then there's Osvaldo and Coca - at the Misterio festival.  We called Coca and spoke to her this week.  "Guess what, we performed at La Viruta!" she said.  "We've already seen the video!" I replied.  "But we have a question, why did Osvaldo say his knees were trembling before the performance?"

"Oh, you saw the video!"  Coca loves that we have been keeping up with what they have been doing by searching for their recent videos on the internet.  "Osvaldo was feeling nervous because there were so many young people at the festival - the future of tango - and we are of the older generation, we don't know whether they would accept our way of dancing at all.  But don't worry, it was ok!"

We think it was more than just "ok"!  They had a wonderful success with their performance .  It's great that Martha and Manolo and Osvaldo and Coca are reaching to the new generation of young people in tango with their performances and classes - all us newbies can see with our own eyes how to savour the music, to make the dance meaningful, and not lose the ways of tradition.  The old maestros continue to pass on the torch everyday to enrich this beautiful thing we call Tango.

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