Monday, February 21, 2011


I know, I know.... we complain a lot about Toronto Tango.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), at times it is endless inspiration for tango blogging - which, if you are the intrepid few who have been following along with us since the beginning, may not always be a good thing (at least, not for the Fabios that we are making fun of!)

Well, picture this:  Sunday night at La Cachila.  It's past midnight, but since it's the milonga before a holiday Monday, there are still plenty of couples on the dance floor.  The lights are low, the music is pulsing in that mellow, nostalgic, tango way... and I'm sitting on the sides munching on half a bag of T.G.I.F.'s very savoury Bacon and Cheddar flavour potato skins.

That (and I mean the bag of chips) in itself is a little bit of heaven in the books of  La Casa de Irene and Man Yung - but what really made the moment special was happening on La Cachila's dance floor. 

When did tango dancers in Toronto get so good?  I swear, the Toronto Tangueras and Tangueros dancing out there (well, ok, 90% of them) are absolutely fantastic!  The ladies were like angels with their sweet embraces and soft, smooth footwork; the gentlemen danced with reverence and style.  There was musicality and feeling, they all danced for themselves and each....were unique.

It was beautiful, really beautiful - just like we had stepped into a traditional milonga of Buenos Aires. 

I was so happy...and the ones who were dancing, I could imagine that they felt happy too.  Because it was Tango...y nada mas.

It is a blessing that Tango is evolving this way in Toronto - I suspect thanks to many people who have their hearts in the right place, whether they are dancers or organizers.  They're the people who truly love tango. 

If Toronto tango keeps this up - we'll have to move to a different city to dance!  After all, with our heroes and heroines being the Hokey Pokey Ostrich and the Crazy Chicken Lady (didn't we say once, for your own personal safety, LOOK AWAY when we are dancing in your vicinity! Who did you think we were talking about, of course we were talking about ourselves), I think it's only time when they turn us away at the door!

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