Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My tango walk used to look light, flimsy and ungrounded.

No matter how much I tried to step heavy, lower my centre of gravity, get grounded and make my feet stick to the floor, my walk still looked like a delicate twinkle-toed tango balancing act with two wobbly chopsticks on a blustery day.

Today - try as I might, no foot-lifting, tip-toeing or all-round prancing I do can duplicate the "Stick Insect in a Wind Tunnel" walk of yesteryear.

Is it all that practicing to be grounded, or could it be the weight gain (from too many lamb kebabs and too much sitting and knitting)? Whatever it is, my walk is visibly matronly.

For those who may enjoy and advocate the "Ballerina does Tango en pointe" look, this development may appear to be quite the opposite of progress....

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