Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two "new" tango places in Toronto

We've had some pretty glorious sunshine over the past week here in Toronto - although the temperatures are still bizarre, ranging from a frosty 6 degrees centigrade on Monday to balmy almost 30 degrees today. In any case, it's time to emerge from hibernation, and try out some tango places we haven't gone to yet in Toronto!

Last Sunday we checked out the Milonga San Telmo at Elizabeth Sadowska's new studio at Dundas Street West and Runnymede (3352 Dundas Street West). We often went to Elizabeth's Sunday milonga back when it was at her old studio at Dundas Street West and Keele (a few blocks to the east of her new location), but this was the first time we've gone to her new studio since she moved a few months ago.

Her new location is lovely. Lots of parking - and a beautifully renovated space with lots of light for her new studio. The studio floor is silky smooth hardwood and wonderful to dance on - one of the best dance floors in Toronto. You can't get tired dancing on floor like this.

We also enjoyed Elizabeth's music very much - honestly speaking, we think that Elizabeth's regular DJs (herself and DJ Vlad) have much better music than her recent guest DJ's ! But that's just our opinion.

Elizabeth is also the organizer of the annual Toronto Tango Festival, coming soon on June 11, 2009. If you want more details (and to see photos of her new studio) here's the website:

On Wednesday night, we checked out a new milonga held by John and Pam Needham, in Toronto's west end - WE Tango. It's held at the Swansea Town Hall located at 95 Lavinia Avenue in the former village of Swansea, not too far from High Park, and the remarkable thing about the location is that the area does really have a quaint English village feel:

We got a great parking spot right in front on the street - a residential street with houses that don't look like they have been pre-fabricated for mass suburban consumption. It's an area with personality - a big change to what we are used to in the suburbs of North Toronto.

Even though the milonga only runs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., it's a nice place to tango on a quiet Wednesday night. John and Pam are friendly and gracious hosts, and there was a good crowd going on with still plenty of space to dance. We had a very enjoyable evening.

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