Thursday, July 17, 2008


Man Yung raised an interesting point this week. We don't know whether Beijing has been/will be able to achieve what is represented by the current Olympic slogan. The last time we checked some VIP international personages were still reluctant to go to the "big party", there are still rampant rumours of repression and human rights violations, and getting the sporting venues in shape for the big event is becoming quite a nuisance and a nightmare for the people who actually have to live around those venues.

Kind of difficult to achieve "One Dream" if some people are dreaming of their Olympic glory while others are dreaming "Olympics, Schlympics, please sod off!"

It's ironic that it may not be the entire might of the political machinery of the most populous nation in the world that achieves "One World, One Dream".

In fact, it's even doubtful whether the mighty forces of Cosmotango could do it.

If there's anything that achieves "One World, One Dream", it has to be the silly "Dancing" YouTube videos of Matt Harding.

What more can we say? Lots of people from around the world happy, healthy and dancing.

One World. One Dream.

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